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Exchange and return

According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, Art. 27, item 1, "The exchange of food products of appropriate quality is not carried out." According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, Art. 25, item 1, " The consumer should have the right to exchange non-food goods of inferior quality for similar goods belonging to the seller from whom they were bought, if said foreign have not been suited for their form, size, style, colour scheme or completeness of set. The customer shall have the right to exchange non-food products of inferior quality during 14 days, not counting the day of their purchase. Non-food products of proper quality shall be exchanged, if these products have not used, if their vendibility, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, and also the sale receipt, or the cash-desk ticket, or other document proving payment for the said products, have been retained.The list of goods which are not subject to exchange on the grounds, referred to in this Article, shall be endorsed by the Government of the Russian Federation."

At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that according to the current "List of non-food goods of appropriate quality, not subject to return or exchange ... "(No. 55 dated 19.01.1998) technically complex goods for domestic use, for which warranty periods are established (in particular, household radio electronic equipment, computer and photographic equipment, photo and film equipment, telephone sets and facsimile equipment Equipment, etc.) are not subject to return and exchange. We advise you to specify whether the money is refunded for the goods you are buying. As you can see from above the most part from the assortment presented in the store can not be returned.

Guarantee terms and conditions of warranty service

Warranty periods for the goods are indicated in the warranty card issued upon receipt of the goods. Warranty services for goods covered by the manufacturer's warranty are made at authorized service centers (a list of goods and service centers is included in the warranty card).