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The work in RegStaer Group of Companies consists of responsibility, complex tasks and continuous growth.

Today the company employs more 1000 excellent specialists. Some of them have been working since the company's foundation. More than 300 people are retailers, managers and sellers. The company is managed by a highly qualified administrative staff with many years of experience in organizing and developing business.

The atmosphere among the staff members is very friendly, with strong team spirit and high level of support. We pay special attention to training and professional development of our employees. Employees from all departments pass trainings in our country and abroad, improve their knowledge in courses and seminars with the help of world's best specialists.

The approach of selecting a new employee varies because different set of knowledge, skills and experience are required for each position. The company has several interview stages. There are some vacancies for which you need to pass a test or accomplish case studies.

We carefully select our employees and take into account professional qualities and psychological features of each field of work.

Share success with us by choosing one from the dozen career opportunities.

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