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RegStaer prepares for expansion at Vnukovo airport

Bill Lumley


The operator will develop its own brand name in partnership with luxury brands as Russia’s third largest airport expands

Russian airport retail operator RegStaer is preparing to open five new stores at Moscow Vnukovo airport at the beginning of 2011. The operator currently operates three stores at the location and also has duty-free operations at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

The new shops will cover 1,300sq m (13,992sq ft) and include a fragrances and cosmetics outlet; a watches and accessories store; a multi-category liquor, tobacco and confectionery store with a built-in humidor and a wine cellar; a sunglasses shop; and one last-minute shop that will combine all product categories. RegStaer also hopes to develop a further 3,700sq m (39,823sq ft) at the airport's international terminal.

Commercial director Vadim Sagiev told DFNIonline: “The plan is to build more of a boutique environment and to divide the brands into their categories such as watches, jewellery and travel items. We have been busy during the past year developing new shops and renovating existing ones to make them more recognisable to the consumer, putting the RegStaer brand on the front of the stores. The Duty Free Moscow brand was previously out of view and used by several operators, and we want to differentiate ourselves from the other retailers.”

He said the company initially considered re-branding the stores altogether but decided against it. “Duty Free Moscow is already a well-established brand to which we have contributed a lot, so we decided to keep it and instead put the RegStaer image on the front of the store,” he said.

The new international terminal in Vnukovo has a capacity of 20m passengers. Domestic flights are now operating but the international area is not expected to open until early 2011. The airport handled over 7.3m passengers in the first nine months of 2010, a 25% increase against the previous corresponding period.